Women in me on Women’s day!

It usually start with age and then experience and than denomination.

I am one of those cult female gang who strongly disagree to the concept of dedicating days to the specific community -while we discuss equality.

Having said that I more relate my concept of being women into leaving that whole next level of self loathe ,the critical eye brow raised analysis leading too utterly non understandable judgements.

Let me relate the concept with my brave instagram post which talks about insecurities about thoughts , about the bones and flesh ,about the scratches and stitches and the list can go on just like that never ending zara sale in the outlet next door( in literal terms its been running from 2 months ,already)


My idea of women as a human first is to sort out the dealings with basic insecurities.

I have done that -always or most I can recall in my memory list.I started with my flesh ratio and almost cribbed about my entire teenageMy loathing (sometimes still ) confuses my mind about my half a dozen cheek on each side of my face .Cheeks are essential says the audience whenever I used to crib about the face fat which I hold.



I gave it a break a while back! Accepted and world changed..for better!


My love for netflix and under eye acknowledgement!

I have been living for/in sunglasses for almost a decade. Every morning I used to fill up the pit under my eye with loads of guilt and unnecessary and much over priced eye or no eye creams

These days I am rather letting it fill or squeezed with my under eye laugh lines(they do exist ,yeah)


In this shoot or while the shoot- i actually had my series of sunglasses ready.But somehow I chose not to wear it – its good to accessories to add an oomph in the over all divas tic combination but to hide the insecurity dwelling within is a false idea.

(my brain when open ,tries to think)

_MG_4513  My false belief of hating curves- almost every year chronologically I remember making a promise to myself about getting rid or eradicate the curve in the side or the back.

I tried and played hard with my body and the grumpy expressions I use to throw at it , and now quite the contrary I feel more about the fitness and less about the curve (either side)

Curves are good or essential (says the kim)


I also focussed hard on my internal fitness about what goes inside of this untamed mind and brain.The bindi which I usually encompass on my forehead irrespective of the clothes I drape gives me enough power to hold it together and creates the magic along with the more like-me million females in the country every morning .

I tried holding my attitude together while understanding the exact meaning behind it.


Laughing off on the past and the outstanding history is what I have learnt and taught.

Laugh is worth it -wherever or ever -non circumstantial -It should exist..  

Braces or no braces -it should exist..


So here I wish happy women’s day to the humans of the constitution. Believe in the fact  of universe and just go with it with a smile on.

Plan- achieve- conquer , as said always rule the kingdom your way ,if you feel like a queen!


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When colour is to Holi!

My passion and fashion for colours is increasing exponentially not just because of the work and words I type but also because of the core fact that the fuzz and buzz around these is somewhere settling down.


My senses tell me not to over do the fancy catwalk but to be there in the runway while all those action is happening is essential.

DSC_0333This combination for the sake of being mediaeval is clear and quite outspoken (as they say in india)

DSC_0347  The tee is the oldest in the lot.I got one in the shopper stop sale and wearing and tearing since then.

The pants however ,are not so old and quite happy as I call them “happy floral pants” which I borrowed from my sister without a drop of a guilt.

My tassels are the example of my unified buying skills from the sleek streets of jaipurI IMG_4660.jpgMy earrings are my wining streak and so is my gloss!



I also share some of my heart for bandhej dupatta.They are like the ace in the over all look especially ethnic


This year my plan is to feel the sense of vibes and optimise my brain along with the colours I waste.



Festivals are indeed the best way to connect and sense with people place and pants.

I will post some more , with the will I own, and some more looks to hold!


Wish you all a very happy (not-safe) holi!



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Safe scrubbing with ayurveda|Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub Review

Ayurveda is daily household name in most of the Indian house holds .I remember my grandmother use to get annoyed about my mother’s preference for antibiotics when I use to cough and sneeze.As per her, ayurvedic medicine works best for immune system and cutting down the infection-slow but worth it.

Hence ,my family and there cosmetic values are leveraged with ayurveda. I,on the other hand, always prefers what works for me, my skin and my credit card.

After trying Body Shop’s scrub tub, which was good similar to the price I paid,  I thought of taking a break from the expensive range and going for more affordable options like Biotique Tan Removal Scrub and to my utter surprise I am more than glad for what I did.

FullSizeRender 32

FullSizeRender 33It uses walnut skin as a base just like most of the scrubs with papaya for a consistency.The scrub is thick and need modest amount with water for a decent spread on hands or  respective areas of application.

It retails for Rs 199 for 75 gm and lasts for a while.

Does this work?

It does!

But when I say it does,I meant using application on consistent basis.Its considered healthy for your skin to scrub on regular basis as it helps in improving circulation and skin cells renewals on timely basis.

Procedure is as simple as not-the-spelling-

  • With the dollop of product and add few drops of water ( create the smooth consistency) apply generously on the area
  • Massage gently all over the area and check for the movements which is better if circular
  • Let it settle for a minute and then clean it real good


  • FullSizeRender 30

Moisturising post scrubbing is a golden skin rule.Do it, now if required-your skin can’t get enough of moisturising.

Few care tips-

  • Avoid going too harsh with the quantity and the pressure applied
  • If your skin is under sensitive zone ,probably prefer a milder scrub more like innisfree wine scrub
  • Strictly avoid if you have acne prone or on going acne problem or any other skin trouble
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WOW- that sulphate free shampoo -Review

Love that scintillating feeling when my hair does all the talking along with my mouth.

I was annoyed basically -the weird state when you are about to order something from your favourite website and suddenly from every virtual empty space sponsored aka paid promotions keep popping up.

This was the same guilt purchase – and obvious to say which I am not anymore.SubstandardFullSizeRender 131.jpgtH

The product say- Paraben and Sulphate free made with apple cider vinegar as key ingredient.I love ACV -except the smell part,(it destroys my nose veins)

They also say let your hair discover luxurious shine and lustre ,bounce and strength with WOW organics hair strengthening shampoo .The bottle comes in 300 ml plastic bottle with not-so-golden pump attached.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 132.jpg

Usage and Effectiveness

I use it twice in a week( the oil tanks inside my head seems to secretively leak after a day of shampooing making it all freaky and greasy)

I am using this shampoo for almost 3 weeks now and running.Apparently thats how I can justify the originality of the review and real results.My hair type is silky (some weird boasting adjectives) ,smooth(imagine no-comb- effect) and straight (with bun-intended)

SubstandardFullSizeRender 132

Usage and the Effectiveness

I use it twice in a week, with 3 pumps as my measurement( and wait for the oil tank in my head to secretively start leaking and making my hair greasy post the shampoo day)

For me the shampoo is slightly drying at the beginning and sort of giving me itchy scalp.But after the few washes it was soothing and at ease with my hair.

It retails for Rs 399/- while I got it during the sale for 299/- (god exists)

FullSizeRender 49.jpg

Will I use it again?

I am not sure for few reasons –

  • I though having oil tanks ,still have slight bit of dryness or roughness in my hair
  • Sometimes I need ,little more than usual quantity to make sure my hair is clean after oiling (which affects my hair follicle)
  • Conditioner is a must, post shampooing which apparently I avoid as I am a no-conditioner person (prefer natural mask once in a while)

My hairfall or break and dandruff are working the same way they were before so hence no improvement there I felt.

It sure gave a certain lustre to my hair as promised which I am flaunting as much as I could.So try if you have some heavy curls with lacking certain shine ,wave and fun.

Till next time,

Keep them flowing!






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The art of being neutral!

I am in one of the healthy- in- india cafe with all vegan and green objectives.Two mid fifties ladies with utter politeness  (I must mention)asked if they can share the same sitting arrangement with me ? and I being amused by the whole Carrie Bradshaw imagery ,smile and agreed.

Words travel faster and so as the lights.Since we were distributed in the four corners of the table,I couldn’t help but got involved in non-literal eavesdrop .One out of the two ladies was kind of reaching a point where she could have thrown her freshly brewed tea either on herself or me.It was a something about the man ,red haired girl ,wedding and a $100 dress.On the other hand ,the other one on the other hand was involved in savouring the soft vegan muffin with her not-so-borrowed hands.

Did you just connected the dots or the words?

This is not an article which is e commercially justifies- neither its my thesis-to -be and nor its my hypothesis to start brain fighting .Its just how filtering our thoughts about reactions can be done? are there any universal laws? How the high schooler -the loner one, who is on some fancy high school trip with classmates and end up sitting with teachers or seeking solitude during the break or lunch break? or the same guy who gets in for harvard and modify something about his personality in skewness to change the world by rooting down to combodia for its people.

I have been ,with sheer honesty dwindling my mind around this concept of western culture and practices.The westernised word for concept is easy ,sassy ,little less if not complicated.This culture is liberal in as many ways as spider can web(don’t know what it means though) and is very on going.People prefer polarities and quickness.The sense of doing once thinking or wanting is finished.

Sometimes I wonder what is the edge they and we are living in? any specific parameter to measure?I grew up with this idea of being free but having my mind shackled other than judgemental.

Are we stressed-about the fact that we are in reality stressed? that no matter how we try to figure out the light behind the tunnel, the thought no upcoming tunnel suppress us? If not- in denial ?about the fact that some day someone will gives us a knock on door towards our life’s calling and will amplify the destiny’s mutual benefits?What if the one being or thing, you counted upon doesn’t knock or say far away from your street?

What if -is dangerous? If not- is forgiving.


I feel something to emotions or reactions or situations or people or circumstances can lead to the self knock I was talking about or turning backs may be.

My something here is neutrality.Being neutral isn’t all we want? Neutrality for me is a state of mind.It can be attained and well practised, also it can be termed as one of the perks of meditation (religious meditation) .

How to be neutral or at least start off?

  • -By believing in the moments as just the passing moments

  • –By energy preservation (energy is sheer conversion )

  • –By meditating when you least expect it (even while sipping coffee)

  • –Practising secret emotion whispering


The art of avoidance -the void filler -the gap analysis and the strength in reacting to react, that is power of neutrality and act of rationality.

Rational over irrational ,I say!


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What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

India, the land of spirituality ,diversity and marriage (lots and lots of marriage).Potentially speaking marriage is one relationship building exercise which is not exclusively limited to the bride and groom but also to the entire crowd of human being attached to their habitat.

I was in one such happy long awaited wedding.The event were predefined and so as the theme.I used my credit card and my creativity to wear the best-I-could-in-the -given-time.

Casual Day Rings

This was planned on one happy not-so-cold december afternoon, with the beauty of palm trees stretched across(in north, yes) and lots of aromatic greens.

I wore this beautiful dress, which is a combination of pop pink and purple(my current obsession).

I always wanted to drape something with prints and also free flow. Asymmetric and irrational are my two words.

Makeup here was as minimal as possible, highlighting and dewy is my mantra when its all about the day charisma.



The royal night!

This was the wedding reception which happened to be the most extravagant phenomena after my birthday off course which happens to be in decem (shameless info share)

You wore that legacy-I can hear this scream(okay ,may be not)

This was my mix and match effort which apparently worked wonders for the sparkling night.The soul of my dress was from one of the old dress, off course satin and grey were my two old age and all age favourites.

The crop top is from forever21 which I accidentally stole for the cob web back and making my tattoo look expensive and ancient.

Jhumkas (Earrings) are as heavy as my heart after sale is over in majority fashion stores and the brooch is one of the wedding welcoming gift.My make up here is loud -my red lips are nodding with bun -intended hair do.


Silk Shenanigans

This was one of the cool party-reception (a little bit more from the groom side)For this I choose silk or may be silk chose me.

My potential emotions got struck in greens and prints for the night with this heavy studded gold chained neckpiece .I used slight bit of orange on my lips and smiled all about it.

It ,also, made me look taller( I prefer boast)


So here is my free shopping tips and tricks-

  • Prefer local market ,trust them with the know-it-all collection 
  • Try not to schedule shopping for weekends (crowd & shopping is always a bad idea)
  • Try and play experimenting ,after all marriages are no less than an upcoming fashion show of a newbie designer ,show then what you got (no, not with bikinis )

Ahh, now let me ask you the question which every grey haired aunt in my household has asked to gazillion kids in weirdest possible expression —

“when are you getting married “

Let me laugh ,now and later 🙂


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The pink lanes with fashion and dust!

IMG_4081 5

IMG_4124 2IMG_4137 2 IMG_4152.JPG



Jaipur, the pink city is the place where I explored native and initial young years of my life.While all this time I was wondering how to improvise my instagram aesthetically.It gave me immense amount of pleasure and scope further while I was on the lane ,quite like a know-it-all tourist.

I planned by day in advance and it required lots of feet walking (I do dream walking sometimes ).It wasn’t cold that day but yeah slight winterissh aroma feels or chills good.

  • I wore Zara (big sale steal)on my top and forever21 on and as my bottoms (My patch obsession is growing while the rest of the world has moved on )
  • My ankle booties are from new look which I sale stole from Koovs  (India’s very own asos)

I wandered and clicked on any gate or the lanes or the stairs I felt nostalgic and raw to.

If visiting India, Jaipur is an pink hub for colourful culture and heritage walk.So plan soon and shoot,I repeat, shoot!


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My (indian)hair care secrets

Hair is my growth parameters in life.

Yes, no, okay I am not netflixing while typing this blog.Its just winters and my hair doesn’t go in friendly terms.They on most of the times are annoyed and irritated resulting in another comb fight, shampoo relationship issues and weird dandruff confused as an extra marital affair.

Hence ,only person I can rely on with vanity and heart related troubles is the one who created me-mommy the one.Just few, easily found and loads of blessings.



As per her (my mother),water is to us as oil is to hair.Oiling is a must no matter how greasy and retarded you look, this is natural conditioning .Considering climatic situations there are different types of hair oil which can be used.I have always used coconut oil in summers mixed with castor oil or mustard oil and in winters amla oil or mustard oil.

  • The simple process is to apply warm oil into the scalp, massage it with your finger pores and then cover your hair with a scarf.
  • Shampoo in the morning!




Egg constitutes of protein which makes your hair roots stronger and also adds as an natural conditioner.My hair flaunts voraciously after this mask.

The mask is very simple to make and easy to apply.

  • 1 egg+1 tbs lemon juice+1 tbs coconut oil
  • Whisk them all and apply evenly on your scalp and massage it for 1 minute.Leave for 15 minutes then wash your hair with normal water.
  • Then in the night, massage your hair with coconut hair oil and next morning wash it with mild shampoo.

download (1)



Heena Or mehendi what we call it in India ,is natural remedy for hair growth and conditioning .Heena not only provides natural care but also a beautiful shade to add on.

Heena mask can be made with using so many different options-

  • 100 gm heena
  • 1 tbs lemon juice
  • 1 tbs coconut oil
  • 1 tbs gram flour(organic)
  • 1 tbs amla powder(indian gooseberry powder)
  • 1 tbs coffee/tea water only if you seek coloured texture
  • Mix all of the ingredient ,leave it for good 15 minutes and apply it thoroughly on the scalp.


4.Coconut water

Coconut is such a gift to human kind.In India ,coconut is synonymous to oil, water, essential ingredient as a vegetable ,coconut roots are used for auspicious food .

Just one a day, keeps a dandruff away!

Here is the proof-FullSizeRender 7


Indian Gooseberry is the holy grail for hair and issues related.Its considered as richest source of Vitamin -c.Its not pungent like any other acid fruit but with sharp taste.

It can be consumed as a juice or in powdered form.

  • You can even use amla powder with curd and apply it on your scalp as a hair mask



Last but not the least supplements does work wonders for your hair.Somehow ,we cant have it all hence lets buy them-

  • Fish oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Biotin

Happy hair is a mirror image of happy soul.Stress destroys -i mean it-half of the positives attached with your self .Working out and keeping yourself stress free helps you to flaunt your blonds and blacks amazingly.


Try them-ok-bye!

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Coffee with Bangalore!

The blog is absolute basic-food people with money pinching as a hobby can thank me later!

Let’s start with Coffee ,I say!

Photos of Coffee with Bangalore! 1/8 by pareeksurbhi88

Honestly, this is not my first rendezvous with Bangalore.I explored this luscious green aromatic city long back with the inception of my professional journey.

I ,this time, had plans much to gobble and less to wander.

My mom started doing all-mom-things post checking in hotel.I was staying in Hotel Royal Orchid in the heart of the city as what people call it.

The Hotel was nice and kind with some renovation around the lobby area.Food was tasty and relief to my eyes.

Photos of Bangalore, Karnataka, India 1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

My thing with travelling is quite interestingly depends upon the food that the localities in the area dwell on.

After this amazing super healthy morning ,me and my happy mom, went to the near by mall(there are half a dozen malls in Bengaluru).I let my card swiped for few times and I was when happy thought of some food.

I was out with this, bhelpuri(no rocket science).This thing was utterly delicious with too much of grated raw mango, carrots and pomegranate seeds.I mean “who does that-in gratitude”

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

Then I realised that people should and have to work.So we went to this amazing coffee shop -CCD in Gowda Mall.

This place was heavenly!

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

The place called MTR(MAVALI TIFFIN ROOM) was in one of my do-try list.

This dosa was huge and heavenly with the dollop of ghee nearby.You had this one and you are sorted in your stomach thoughts for the day

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

Some late night works and walks!

This heavenly lane -aka brigade road is where I prefer these calm walks.Its fun how quirky and fun these rides turn into.Once thats done my sudden cravings for coffee or its replacements defined by smell, led me to this cutest cafe called Matteo Cafe.

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

That was heavenly choco drink in shivering night.I can gulp as many as my instagram followers(shameless promotion -styworld_)

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

I finished this with one or half blink -twitch of an eye.Then I wanted to call it a night but night are best to explore as what I have heard .

It was 30 bucks away from the brigade road and trust me here, the beauty of UB City is like that soothing whistle which you hear and you cant disregard.

Photos of  1/1 by pareeksurbhi88

Post this amazing windy experience,I tried calling it a night .

I usually try to explore divergently whenever I visit my already travelled places or locations.

Keep digging!

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