Ginger’s new collection launch!

So when I started my social media thing,I was super confused about the fact that my blog will reach mass crowd or whether I will influence my own self. I mean its easy when its just “said” or “thought about” but its slightly more complicated when you actually start doing it -but the key is -to do it now ! I was super pumped up … Continue reading Ginger’s new collection launch!


Women in me on Women’s day!

It usually start with age and then experience and than denomination. I am one of those cult female gang who strongly disagree to the concept of dedicating days to the specific community -while we discuss equality. Having said that I more relate my concept of being women into leaving that whole next level of self loathe ,the critical eye brow raised analysis leading too utterly … Continue reading Women in me on Women’s day!

When colour is to Holi!

My passion and fashion for colours is increasing exponentially not just because of the work and words I type but also because of the core fact that the fuzz and buzz around these is somewhere settling down. My senses tell me not to over do the fancy catwalk but to be there in the runway while all those action is happening is essential. This combination … Continue reading When colour is to Holi!

Safe scrubbing with ayurveda|Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub Review

Ayurveda is daily household name in most of the Indian house holds .I remember my grandmother use to get annoyed about my mother’s preference for antibiotics when I use to cough and sneeze.As per her, ayurvedic medicine works best for immune system and cutting down the infection-slow but worth it. Hence ,my family and there cosmetic values are leveraged with ayurveda. I,on the other hand, … Continue reading Safe scrubbing with ayurveda|Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub Review

WOW- that sulphate free shampoo -Review

Love that scintillating feeling when my hair does all the talking along with my mouth. I was annoyed basically -the weird state when you are about to order something from your favourite website and suddenly from every virtual empty space sponsored aka paid promotions keep popping up. This was the same guilt purchase – and obvious to say which I am not anymore.tH The product … Continue reading WOW- that sulphate free shampoo -Review

The art of being neutral!

I am in one of the healthy- in- india cafe with all vegan and green objectives.Two mid fifties ladies with utter politeness  (I must mention)asked if they can share the same sitting arrangement with me ? and I being amused by the whole Carrie Bradshaw imagery ,smile and agreed. Words travel faster and so as the light.Since we were distributed in the four corners of … Continue reading The art of being neutral!

What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

India, the land of spirituality ,diversity and marriage (lots and lots of marriage).Potentially speaking marriage is one relationship building exercise which is not exclusively limited to the bride and groom but also to the entire crowd of human being attached to their habitat. I was in one such happy long awaited wedding.The event were predefined and so as the theme.I used my credit card and … Continue reading What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

The pink lanes with fashion and dust!

Jaipur, the pink city is the place where I explored native and initial young years of my life.While all this time I was wondering how to improvise my instagram aesthetically.It gave me immense amount of pleasure and scope further while I was on the lane ,quite like a know-it-all tourist. I planned by day in advance and it required lots of feet walking (I do … Continue reading The pink lanes with fashion and dust!

My (indian)hair care secrets

Hair is my growth parameters in life. Yes, no, okay I am not netflixing while typing this blog.Its just winters and my hair doesn’t go in friendly terms.They on most of the times are annoyed and irritated resulting in another comb fight, shampoo relationship issues and weird dandruff confused as an extra marital affair. Hence ,only person I can rely on with vanity and heart … Continue reading My (indian)hair care secrets