Jump while you can!

Whats the best you can do?

Jump,I giggled..

Okay my vividly stretched smile and my limited edition thoughts are in correlation with each other .I smile most-of-the-times for no reason or the reason pretty lame such as my fall on every jump in this creepy sofa.

FullSizeRender 49.jpg

Who am I-I am in my post 25th phase of life , I grew up in pink city with liberal choices of my career and clothes, some active food traditions ,habits yet to change, and my outdoor extravagant styling experience and my name is Surbhi, with few calling me as Gudda -few as Stylo and few exceptionally creative people calls me -Serena (sorry Blake lively)

There is a outspoken warmth in the city today.Though the weather is ridiculously cold.I can feel the chills running down through my spine. Right now I am sipping hot chocolate in the cute egg shaped cuddle cup, gazing unidirectional , and writing.

To all the Kim and Gigi of the scrolling world, I somehow thank you from my part for bringing out the trends loudly and diligently. My thoughts are endless here but my hot chocolate is tempting enough to drink a sip.

There will be honest reviews, loud fashion styling and slight bit of product propaganda !

Show me some love and chanel and lets jump along ( I ,urge)

Welcome to styworld!



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