How critical-who me?

Whats your story?

This girl jumps or may be jump when posing-that is quite a defining attribute for the readers

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So my story is very ordinary-I am in my post 25th phase of life , I grew up in pink city, with wide spectrum of colours, assortment of choices,  tradition to hold and sustain, clothes to comfort , habits yet to change, utter lust for food, and at last royal minds.

There is a outspoken warmth in the city today.Though the weather is ridiculously cold.I can feel my shiver running through my spine. Right now I am sipping hot chocolate in the cute egg shaped cuddle cup, gazing unidirectional , and writing.

I heard girls talking ,they were loud to compete with the background music.

“You cant challenge me,I can shop ,shop all day bus Credit limit ,limits me”

She indeed summons the secret Christmas wish for majority of girls out there,I wondered! Clothes and clothing is surreal concept.Its vicious cirlce of having more and never enough.When you drool and stool at the same time, you got your hands on power clothing.

To all the Kim’s and Gigi of the scrolling world, we thank you from the bottom of my part for bringing out the trends loudly and diligently. My thoughts are endless here but my hot chocolate is tempting enough to drink at a sip.

This will all be reviews as blunt as this word is,New product knowledge and clothing itinerary


Welcome to styworld!


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