Fashion commonality!

No one is a born writer, clothes with cosmetics make them one !!



I just saw a real hot chick accomplishing the purpose of her crop top when she carefully lifted her right elbow just to fix her blow dried hair so as that one punjabi aunty standing near the metro door wearing a middle slit kurti with low waist bottoms.

Hence fashion is what you wear and tear daily. Its the performance when you try to manage ,its the light of attraction which you try to gasp and its basically the sigh of relief when that hot guy sitting on the other table gives you that tempted look.You make it worth it girl.

The ideology says ” let me grow younger for the sake of crowd and my upcoming wrinkles as I know I am old but I don’t let my hair my skin and my mind know that.My beauty range insist and persist me to feel young.My diet wants me to shed few inches which I wasn’t reluctant about while my mom tells me to grow up (everyday).

Once I was startled by one wonder reply which I got from a lady enjoying her fifties when I complimented her on her satin green mules. She said ‘ thank you dear, me & my grand daughter bought them together on one renowned sale, now fashion is common for all you see.

And there ,at the same moment of truth ,I related my strings to this thought of sharing fashion-trend ,the commonality of fashion and sense that generations around the house share ,talk ,discuss and may be pass on to the successor.

Fashion is basically are crispy tangy  flavours which every single four legged, two handed machine creates and stimulates on everyday basis.
I don’t own a Lagerfeld or neither I that checked louis vuitton tote( going emotion less for a moment) and I know that but somehow I, with a sip of my cappuccino, feel my legacy of fashion is still that old pair of male’s denim followed by a hard colour tank top with a flaunting floral scarf or that drowning shirt on top and then conquer the world -your way!

Basically it all lies in the “basics” rest is just an add on.

And amazingly that’s the whole idea of this blogging!

Always with words…and clothes (notions can reach any where)


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