Local Fashion!

 Girl is back with words.

God! It was a crucial week with let- me -save-my-job look(basically no kohl and over with gloss look)..
Off course with replacing  the no white full -sleeves Bollywood inspired look with crisp firm t shirts covering suitable dimensions with sleek grey pants.
So marriages and fashion both share some common rules, you don’t agree?
They both says the young the better, the less the more, co existing  the “me” and the “you” creatures.

Point is while traveling I usually observe the fashion or the trend vibe which being aroud me is covered in.Its like reading that newly married female who had tried her best to gather all her fringes and made a hefty bun on the top with loads of screaming bangles.I liked the effort and the screaming also

FullSizeRender 42.jpg
For her this is the best she could do -for the day!

Or the Delhi metro fashion-I name it as a category-the category where trend travels in local.
I was baffled, once when I saw a girl in Mumbai metro (am I bragging about transportation much)trying to put three or four fancy hair bands and then she purchased the fifth one from the in-local vendor (the best thing after Mumbai rains) to which the lady sitting next to her gave a very now-where-do-you-wanna-put-it-on-my-head look, she than juggled mingled and voila, made them one.

“together we stand ,divided we fall”

Hence, fashion needs observation -it just doesn’t rule inside these poshest malls or expensive make up blocks but miles across those metro and local lanes.
sometimes its worth observing, isn’t?


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