gal is back with words.

god!! crucial week with let- me -save-my-job look(basically no kohl and over with gloss look)..
But please no white full sleeves suit. .perfectly firm tshirts covering suitable dimensions with sleek grey pants.
so marriages and fashion both share some common rules.
They both says the young the better…the less the more…and again it involves the “me” and the “you” creatures.
so point is while traveling I usually pass my time checking out some blemish average looking gal who has tries her best to gather all her fringes at one level and the oomph is matching tuck pins.

FullSizeRender 42.jpg
For her this is the best she can be, she can carry or may be she can afford.
Or May be the gal who is working in any retail chains with a black uniform and the bun with a net, giving us the instinct that oh she is different and she is “working”.
so there we are “fashion in local”.
I was baffled once when I saw a gal trying to put 4 different color hair bands and then she purchased the fifth one to which the lady sitting next to her gave a very now-where-do-you-wanna-put-it-on-my-head look,she actually juggled between all her orangish pinkish plastics in a way and bang on she just did it!!!she tried she conquered and she ruled………

so there we go…its not always about the malls or show rooms sometimes it can be a pick drop idea from local..:)
sometimes its worth observing..isn’t????

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