Red that Haunts!

A typical modern fairy tale which says about the prince without horse but in a maybach may be or say limo with his under aged jokes and know-it -all attitude trying to flick that every single bean he comes across.

Ok!!The readress who shares mills and boon fantasy should-dude gasp this piece of adjustment.
A friend of mine who seems to be an amazing believer of the fact that if there is a girl, there has to be her guy!(well, there can be no guy or may be another girl) and if this guy is real in existence ,he will get his way in wonderland for her Alice.
So Alice (the cuteness she sustains) asked ” I guess, should we go down together in that rabbit hole” and shades of rainbow begin.It was deeply narrated to him by her heart in his moonlight under her red roots.
Am I confused!who did what?who achieved?who conquered?was that a game? or its just a state appreciated by mind followed by the torn strong desire of red thing that beats in or for (suit your grammar your way )every 72 second.
It as started with that boom which was the primary reasons of my diner with all that slurp slurp.
So fairy tale ends when the lady love expects man love to colour her red with every bit of emotion left.
My twisted curled decaffeinated brain shouts on this red concept.
I am here resonating my red with the feeling associated with it
Red is fine till we draw a line.
More we want more dark it gets!
“Dark” to me is black and that can’t be replace by red
My association with red is old and comforting
No matter how the body is framed ,its the soul which is hurting 
But for every night it still craves the same, not the black rather just the red.
As what avicii sings “life is a game and love is prize “
I on the other hand ,can’t even say “colour me red”

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