Shirted much!

Its been a while!

I was straight enough to plan what am I gonna wear today.I feel clothing tend to confuse me.They, in there very own sign language, tell me what is right at one time but the second time when I copy the same style considering how great it looked, they refuses to match.Hence I have had this battle since ages and now i thought better to surrender and be happy about it.

Incident 1-I got this cold shoulder red checks shirt from heaven in India shopping street -Sarojini nagar.Randomly I choose this frills, those double layered shoes and my lovely bohemian necklace FullSizeRender 43.jpg

FullSizeRender 46.jpg

This combination is baseless.It arises when you mind is not thinking in xyz direction rather it thinks in a 987 way.This skirt is from Sarojini as well and key highlights of this drape is this beautiful print .I adore these tangles and they add the lil oomph to every outfit you wear.

Incident 2-I thought may be I can try some more cow-boyishness(don’t know if thats even a word) to try denims ON with rugged one to be on top, glasses to match, silver balls necklace and viola-I am waiting for my horse or may be OLA.The denims are from levis and the shirt is from the same holy place to shop

FullSizeRender 44.jpg

FullSizeRender 47.jpg

And thats not the ideal things you pose with.

This shirt I tend to believe has some magical powers in it, the second you wear it you are carefree ,you are confident like Queen B, and you feel, like brownie (off course the hot sizzling one)

img_4269So this is my confused look.Frills or denims, bohemian or authentic silver junk, glasses or no glasses?

The fun part-whenever you don’t know what- to -wear with- what -how- to-style-it -out-try the weirdest combos ever and you will see the magic by yourself.

When you try, you get the best!

My loved combination is tomboyish look as it represents the adventures in me  or of me .As long as you look good and confident in the cloth that you are wrapping yourself in you can pose anything-anywhere-anytime!

Stay happy in styworld!




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