I am sure there are multiple blogs on Goa-things to do,10 things to do, what to do, where to go and much more.


In this blog we will try together to visit Goa in different tangents,I went to goa with no list of exploration in my head.I planned to feel as localised as I can ,as average as I can be and as less wrapped as I can feel it.

So these are my lazy pickups from Goa, I am sure you can definitely  explore much better than this article but hey, hear me out first!

A random walk on the beach



(Off course not in this attire though~)

Goa is unique when explored walking.Walk any beach you can discover, take any inside lane and you will end up discovering a beach pave.North Goa is especially known for the crowded loud beaches and South Goa on the other hand is more calm and makes you surrender.

Try the magic, if you haven’t already.

Yoga on the beach

So I went to this beach called ashwem, near panjim. This beach is surrounded by something called serenity.You will suddenly have an overflow of positive emotions, perceptive changes and agony will no longer be your buddy.

Though you can hear a laugh in this picture, inside I am calm and full of emotions.I realised the wonders of nature and life.They both go hand in hand.So what if life challenges you? troubles you?

You have the peace in you, in your soul.Stay normal with yourself and never loose hope.

Appreciate the beauty, and breathe!

Mornings here reminds me of Yoga or self realization.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Thats not what I meant.These are happy and must take pictures on the beaches of Goa.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg


FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Thats when sun is setting slowly  and gradually .This pinkish ray of  hope on that never-ending, wide, fearless water is a scene to capture for your soul.

Yum Tum!

So I suddenly craved for desert in the sea.For that I asked people around and they suggested me this romantic shack cum cafe called La Plage.

(The shack keepers were HOT )

The shack included Jazz, candle nights and food to drool.It was heavenly when you hear beach sound after every Jazz note ends( I almost died)

Then I felt alive ask for their not-so-famous Chocolate Platter. It includes all kinds of chocolates and creams.Read the delight on my face ,will you please?


Not Just Goa!

Goa known for its beaches also has some hidden beauties nearby.One such thing is tropical plantation near Ponda.

Its 1.30 -2 hour journey from north goa- Candolim to be specific.

But the extra ordinary lanes, the picturesque background ,the speed will keep you busy ogling.I must appreciate the driver’s patience as I was asking him to stop wherever my eye got stuck and my heart skipped a beat.

This place is near to this village Ponda and is in remotely located area.Spice plantation was my first visit ever where I enjoyed typical homely food after the 45 minutes of plantation tour with one happy go lucky tour guide.



Cashew Plantation,Its just a one fruit with one cashew in it (Hard work)

Imagine the kind of plucking required for feni processing.These plucking are done by the workers especially female workers who are from nearby village.




FullSizeRender 29.jpg

This visit was a magical experience for me and hence my health indeed speaks about it.

Shop Shop Shop

Anjuna is the best place to get cheap stuff.Saturday night market is what I missed this time 🙁

A definite pick for you should me Junkies, casual slip ons, boho inspired  bags , cashews & booze (if you love cheap and best)


FullSizeRender 31.jpgFullSizeRender 33.jpgFullSizeRender 34.jpgDo Bargain, just like anywhere in India.

Night life,Day life

Night life is quite popular a word these days ,which is worth checking out in Goa.

My favourite is still that Tito’s lane and always will be.The lane is thrilling and loud.

IMG_4354.JPGFullSizeRender 35.jpg

Cafes like Cafe inn,Cafe chocolatti, Tito’s cafe are one of the few I would like to suggest.

If you are a vegetarian do try some Navratna pure veg, Shree sagar ,Rasoi the kitchen,German bakery, Ruchis,Shri Krishna(my all time fav). Food and price, both are absolutely related in these hotels .Good food with great price 🙂

This blog is one such informative blogs which also tries to give you a perceptive.You can’t have enough of Goa, no matter how many times you have seen or wandered onto those lanes.


FullSizeRender 38.jpg

FullSizeRender 39.jpg


Either you click or can be a muse-but Use that cannon or nikon or sony thing.

I wore this long checks shirt along with shorts which are somewhat hidden and with this gorgeous fabindia scarf, and also this smile 🙂

FullSizeRender 41.jpgTake your Nikon,Canon along and let them capture the magic.

Happy Goaing!



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