Bio Almond Oil-Make up remover/cleanser?

Throwback to my days of dollops of lip balm application and my special mention to Maybelline Colossal Kajal, now in the current Starbucks zone my obsession with makeup and the relatives has grown significantly.

So the drill is when you apply heavy coated makeup, you gotta remove it.No matter how much screwed your day was, or you are drunk much to think yourself as Kim Kardashian, you need to get off that layer from your face.Nights are important and required for your skin.Skin breathes through in night followed by 8 hour beauty sleep.

So while passing through a Indian with more of a Korean grocery store ,I got my hands on Biotique Almond Oil(make up remover ).You can it buy it from Nykaa


How to use?

Take few drops in your hand.Apply it all over your face and upper eye area.Gently massage your face(No rubbing),and finally use a cotton pad to wipe the dirt off.

Considering I am blessed with an extremely sensitive skin, using an oil cleanser is a legit move. I always wanted my face to be in Rajasthan-level-draught but what I get is mumbai rains.



Pro Ships-

-No alcohol/Paraben free/organic

-Oil based cleanser helps the skin to restore the nature oils and also added extra healthy dose of Vitamin E

-Light on Pocket and will last months

-Brand is credible, like( when I was a kid I used Biotique’s..)


Con shipS-

-No,No for eye make up.(I literally took my lashes out while trying to get rid of mascara)

-Sensitive Skin is threatened by it, oil and some more oil is deadly combination

-No day time use, use it specifically in Night.(Let the oils drool overnight)

My Critical Rating is 3.5 as make up remover, can be use a daily massaging oil for face.


Till then,





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