Korean sheet masks-Is it worth the hype?

Sheet mask & Pampering, are they even related?

I preface the fact of pampering especially under the roof called salon.Yes, they ridiculously flood you with tons of card receipts and it will all go just after one ‘Tuesday sales meeting'(just saying)

So letting your skin pamped up with that Korean Glow, diminished pore size, under your own roof, with netflix to chill(literally I mean) and hassle free, no judging my own- hands -service ,the inner money pincher in me hates to knock any other expensive door.

In current scenario, and with globalisation hitting hard , these sheet mask are essential part of my skin treat with no weight on pocket (I promise)

My first try and the other zillionth was with the innisfree ,because of google and near-my-house benefit.And thanks to India’s very own Sephora -Nykaa I ,now have my hands on the face shop with buy 5 get 2 free happy promotion.

**Tip time-Refrigerate them, holy grail for your puffy face**


 Honestly,I don’t know much about the specifications of ingredients but for the basics -these are infused cotton-based sheets with serums or essences that can contain several ingredients to address a variety of skincare and the problems associated.

Penetration and Hydration , they provide you with these dual benefits.

IMG_8654How I use?

They are easy breezy!

After performing my daily skin rituals ,I peel off the cover and  place the face-shaped-cut sheet on my face.I try to fit in my square -circled face into the mask, focussing slightly on air brackets.

Once done,I will drain my phone’s battery by scrolling Instagram feeds(Validate me -styworld_ ) for good 30 minutes.I don’t even wash my face after removing the sheet as I want all those oils to soak up in my skin.

Reusing technique?

Do not dispose the cover, keep it in the freezer for a while.After holy 30 minutes take the sheet off, place it inside the freezed cover.

Use it again and can store the tissue hygienically as easy and go-to make up removal wipes 


Results & Repurchase?

I ,as told , am obsessed with these masks .They are skin beneficiary in all the problem aspects of sensitive skin and the rest is food ( I hate that junk trigger)

My ratings are 4.5/5 , I am turning more critical by every passing day.Repurchase ,Yes once the current lot gets over (over excitement leads to over stocking)

Hence, Go stock yourself up as this Sumid(summer+humid) weather is thrilling us in all the negative ways. Don’t let you skin complain your mom!!



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