Coal to Charcoal-Juicy Chemistry Charcoal Mask Review

My thoughts on associating coal with cleanliness are like I always knew coal is somehow related to the pencils I used back at school but face??

As we know this activated carbon/charcoal is all over on being Kylie Jenner on instagram feeds, either in nose stripes, masks moreover toothpaste(ok, don’t laugh) . This clever carbon is indeed the hottest ingredient this season,I go crazy on the skin development theories and NPD.

Just for this ingredient, I tried this Juicy chemistry’s organic charcoal + other organic stuff powdered mask.

I ordered mine fromNykaa when they were running there jaw dropping sale.You can wait to(I usually make a list and when they start there sale,I drop my jaw and my card)



This product is a Natural Skin beneficiary  with ingredients like rice flour,oatmeal(i wonder did they make it)IMG_8748

How to apply in 1 minute?

Take some powder in your palms, Mix some water/Gulab Jal to form a paste.

Apply the paste directly on your face(with both your palms)

and let it sit for 30 minutes.

FullSizeRender 2

Rinse,Rinse back!

Does it work?


It does!!It pulls out the extreme dirt, excess oil and dullness immediately.

Best in this is all natural food for skin.

Its a happy wallet purchase (25 gm will last for more than a month, if used consistency) with promises of a happy and a lively skin.

Only point of improvement I can share is the powder form, which can get little messy and also post drying the mask hardens like rock shelf-so don’t rub it hard .

Wet the face, and then slowly wash it off!

Go and pick yours one on nykaa

Wait my critical star rating -4/5!!!!

**generous much**


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