3 Reasons to love Mac “Up the Amp” !!

Mac and me? burgers no ,phones yes, laptop yes ,lipstick hell Yaaaass!!!

It was one happy day when I wore my floral dress and happily passed by Mac store.Then my head turned slightly right ,I walked firmly inside that store and got myself impulsively maced(thats not a word)(I got it without even trying, for 1500 Rs you don’t do this way)

“Up the amp” is a pinky purple with brightened cool undertones leading to soft shine.Best part is , it fades evenly leaving that blurred pink stain on lips( which we all secretly loves)



3 reasons why I love it!

No gloss-what so ever(yay)

My craving for the glossiness is over and out of the box.I now think and feel more matte, if not then creamy with a hint of a shine.

The texture is creamy and shiny.For my skin tone ,the colour with one application is flattering for my face.The application is smoothly subtle and less glossier.The formulation isn’t lasting but surprisingly hydrating and moisturising in a way(I don’t need to apply lip balms post one application)


Poppy Purple

Purple in clothes, not sure but on lips ,yes please!!

I kind of share slight inclination towards purple as a lip colour.I have few purple variants in my vanity but have to say this one is my utter favourite. On the outlet stand it may look ordinary, but just a single application can create a significant difference on your face. The colour is dramatic, outspoken and you will get “pop” of a colour.

Its for all seasons!

FullSizeRender 8.jpg


Plump Purple Amp!

Yes, believe it or not ,the formula makes my lips look more plump than they really are.

Its the creamy, hydrating texture and also the colour which just not pops out the stain but also the dimensions of my lips.(god is everywhere)

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

Ratings and Repurchase??

I will rate this as 4.5/5 (pricing is indeed high, smart dupes can be conquered with minimal spending)

Repurchase – Hmmm, I may if dupes ditched me!


Plump it up, ladies!!!


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