5 Nivea Miracle-Review ,Uses and Reasons!

Since the inception of my cosmetic understanding ,Nivea used to have a very special space in my mothers beauty assortment.I wonder how and why our mom’s always knew what works and what doesn’t.Some staples were always a vanity-must, and nivea being the super creams always tops the list.

So the current health of my skin is in a constant need on additional vitamins and dollops of moisture.I renamed my night routine to night time moisturising routine recently and the results were incredible .My skin feels like a baby skin (so as my mind).I know lot of us has this impression of this creme being dense, which it is but for night this can be your one and only holy grail product.

So today I thought of penning down my love for Nivea creme and creative ways how to use it-


Damaged patchy skin to Baby Skin-

We come from an era where we literally breathe pollution/dirt/impurities hit on hit nonstop 365 days.To trouble more our hunger gets a trigger on junkies, hence a complete destructive  scenario for a skin.To fight them off just not eating right and healthy is essential but also to moisturising like a pro.

I prefer night time routines as moisturising routines. After cleansing I usually apply nivea cream on my face and instead of massaging I gently dab the cream on my skin this way cream will form a moisturised layer on the face, to lock in the oils of my face overnight.

Try it tonight and thank me later.IMG_8793


Hands On Creme

The thought of buying an expensive hand creme, was once a thought I would raise my eyebrow on for now I feel this as a unstated need. Hands and those lil clumsy lines on them, proves the hard work of ones life, hence their credit needs to be acknowledged.

I use Nivea creme on hands, both morning and night for soft, lustrous and supple textured hands ,just because they talk louder about your age than your face, mean  !



Under eye help!

Hear me out first,I do get it due to its thick consitency the first thought is to avoid but trust me on this, go ahead and use a little on your ring finger.Dab it on your under eye and see the result yourself.

I post moisturising ,with the help of my ring finger use little creme and dab under my eyes.My under eyes always suffer the california kinda draught of moisture.Hence I do this to hydrate and moisturise enough for the day.

FullSizeRender 4


Moisturised Feet and Socks.

My feet are the most neglected part of my body.I do apply lotions and nail paints if and when require but nothing more and much.

But somehow I have been managing to help my troubled feet by applying nivea cream in the night and then locking it up by wearing socks.Though we keep our socks for winters but I have been wearing them at least in the night or may be on weekends when I am home and drooling.

Lastly ,Elbows & knees 

They need intensive moisturising ,just not body lotion but a good and decent amount of moisturising

I use it all over my hands and little lit extra on elbow area.I can sense the softness on the hardened skin and also I use dollop on the knees .


So in just 120 Rs (sale on nykaa– get it for 96) your 2-3 months can be easily covered.

For Extremely oily skin this creme can be little greasy and dense ,so go easy on night application and see the difference by yourself

The regime is trusted ,try it and thank me later with a starbucks, off course!



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