Innisfree Super Volcanic Mousse Mask Review-Uses & Application

Volcanoes , I have never seen one!

Thanks to these amazing research and mind boggling technologies, beauty and its industry is turning gigantic and more refined.I as told by me to you, a big korean beauty products lover.I have been using innisfree’s range for quite a while and the results were always promising.

I grasped the first of volcanic clay mask, when they launched their range in India. Ah ,welcoming you, said my Card.I went crazy over the usage and hence finished it before the decided finish line.

So now I got this Mousse Mask in the same range-with Cleanser(which I already had, impatience!) and Toner.

Lets know more about it-

Objective-The Super volcanic clay mousse mask has micro clay mousse containing Super volcanic cluster? to fill in the pores and fine lines to completely remove excess sebum and micro dust.

  • fine scrub remove dead skin cells, white heads and black heads and cleans up the pores.
  • Non mineral oil, cruelty free, non-artificial scent, non imidazolidinyl-urea

IMG_8769.JPGThis on the outlet is of 1450/ with kit- same price on Nykaa (just ,the product)

How to use?

This bottle has a pump, hence its handy and absolute easy to use and apply.The pump condition and my obsession with this product are reversely proportional.(just saying)


I usually take 2 pumps on my finger for my full face and neck(no neck neglecting)


Then just like any mask application,I apply it generously all over my face and neck. Just try not to frighten your near and dear ones especially the guy who came for delivery. Its not so human thing to do.

FullSizeRender 6

This is my single layer of application ,you look little bit more horrendous after the second layer.I lay my hair all over the chair (the cliche, conjouring effect) and peace myself for 30 minutes.Once hardened/dried I gently clean my face and moisturise.

Objectives met?

Boom, your skin will thank you.After 2 usage in a week,I observed slight improvement on my skin tone.It doesn’t create any unwanted tantrums on my skin, as my skin is under sensitive zone.

Any product which is at ease and can help my skin with instant lift of boost is sacred to me.This product is worth the penny you invested.This instantly helps your skin that extra doze of clarity ,tightness and diminishes pore size.

I use it twice in a week( to use it in daily grind, my card doesn’t permits) but this routine is working too.I can assure my repurchase for this mask( its sounding ,more like an oath) and promise a special place in my vanity.

Rating 4.5/5

**(.5 for the price, indian me)


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  1. I love Innisfree! I have tried their Jeju Volcanic cleansing foam and clay mask and both are really effective.

    I haven’t tried this mousse mask yet but your review just convinced me it’s worth trying out. Thanks for the helpful review. 💕

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