An Eye for Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream!

My obsession with cosmetic industry is growing infinitely by every passing day.The more I see, the more I crave.As my relationship with innisfree is at full bloom,I don’t mind picking every blossom from their secret garden.

Hence,I got my hands on Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream, which promises to nourish the delicate eye area by treating dark circles and puffiness.For me eye cream is a necessity after workout, food, mac lipsticks and many more.IMG_8922.JPGI got mine from the outlet for Rs 2200/-( not easy on pocket) but promises to last for at least 3-4 months.

(single small no pressure pump, will make it last for 4 months )IMG_8924

Eco science eye range  is a highly moisturising eye cream with pure Jeju sea plant extract to enhance the autogenic power of the skin. This gel-based cream solves the problem areas like puffiness and treats the dark circles.

  • Contains caffeine to reduce puffiness while the ginkgo leaf extract treats dark circles.
  • Vitamins and minerals in the anti-aging eye cream deliver the autogenic energy of the Jeju sea plants and helps in enhance its self-protective power.
  • A moisturising eye cream helps in  strengthening the moisture barrier around the eyes.

As eye area tends to dry much faster than the rest of the body.So if in case you are wondering about “How about my daily cream” ,probably hydration is the answer.This area is like sponge-it absorbs moisture faster and makes your under eye dry & dull.

How I use it?

Since I hate greasy under eye, I tend to under take it especially in my morning routine.Since the consistency is soft and light, little bit of cream will work wonders.

I pump a pea size amount of product on my third finger and dab it all over my under eye.This one has a very mild fragrance and get absorbed quickly .

**Advice- Rubbing hard is a big no, no ,play it cool and gentle**

IMG_8926Ratings & Repurchase?

Okay! This is my second bottle, which in a way shows my happy purchase & lean on re purchase.


Ratings will be 4/5 , the texture can be little more sorted (based on the climate of the country) and something about the price(which kind of breaks my heart & card)

FullSizeRender 19.jpgGo for it ,I say!

If you are fond of Korean products & want to create vanity staples, this one will not disappoint you.

Ok, let me write more!



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