SUN,SKIN and SAFETY: Innisfree Ecosafety Sunscreen Review

Why I hate summers( Hate is too strong a emotion here),no kidding (Just not fond of tanning, are we).Since my kiddy kiddo days I was that -always- indoors-kinda girl. Sun and heat always made me crankier and curse the global warming( self promoted environmentalist)

But to my surprise,I am not that sun reluctant female anymore .Thanks to all the protection measures which my mom actively singing in my ears,I can survive this scorching heat without any literal damage. If you are wondering about the melancholy of measures she used to say with her raised lines on forehead-

Wear clothes(what ,no way) covered enough!

Avoid Black( thats the only colour I see)!

Stay in the shade!

Do the cleansing and Eat well!

Stay hydrated!

I somehow wonder, why she never mentioned Sunscreens?I once asked het about her Lakme sunscreen and she said its full of unnecessary chemicals and toxins with that glare of avoidance.

Well, she knew the basics (just like always).These sunscreens and there chemical content  are haunting.They can cause unending skin troubles leading to that C word named disease.Word of caution-choose your sunscreens wisely, lets read more to be sure of  the protection food we are cooking up.

I recently tried Innisfree’s eco safety range for almost a month, and I am really glad that I did.

Texture & Consistency

SubstandardFullSizeRender 6.jpg

The texture is smooth and glide-on ,which has SPF 50+ PA+++, keeping the skin hydrated and nourished with long-lasting, waterproofing UV protection effect.I usually avoid wearing moisturiser with this.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 3.jpg

SubstandardFullSizeRender 4.jpg

I am not sure about its long lasting feature as I just apply it once in the morning and then I am free as bird in my thoughts. Fragrance is utterly mild with a hint of freshness spread on your face.SubstandardFullSizeRender.jpg

Pricing –

It retails for 990 Rs- and will last you more than months.It also depends upon the usage quantity and frequency.In my scenario I squeeze pea size amount for my face and neck followed by covered clothes and shaded mojitos.

Ratings and Repurchase?

This product is saving my skin, and to say the least helping my oil glands(worst than saudi’s oil tanks) to be in control.My sensitive skin is really performing “Okay” after its application.

I will rate this 4.5/5 and I can guarantee my repurchase once I am finished with the current tube.


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