How Herbal is Herbal|Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Mud Face Pack|Review

My feelings while using herbal/natural products are really organically originated.I usually pick one or two such mask without fearing there association with chemical contents .

On my recent drugstore visit I got my hands on Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Mud Face pack which honestly was a strict impulse purchase(that near cash till magnetic effect)

It promises few but heavenly end results for your skin problems like –

Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack helps refreshes and revitalises facial skin by absorbing excess oil and removing impurities. Enriched with walnut which acts as a natural exfoliator removing dead skin and black heads. Improves blood circulation, soothes the skin surface and leaves the skin looking supple and healthy.

  • Removes dirt
  • Exfoliates the skin without being harsh on the skin
  • Made with natural ingredients

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Texture & Application?

This is a liquidy mineral clay mask which includes combination of fullers earth and walnut.Application is easy and clean to spread with no requirement of water addition .

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Thats the bonus point when it comes to Herbal range.This product retails for 70 Rs/- which is super duper affordable and make your card smiles.

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God, the inner -fashion- blogger inside of me curse every time I post with this face.


Repurchase & Ratings?

For my sensitive skin, this product was a big no-no. After hand -patch test(which I do no matter which brand I am bringing home) I applied the same on my face.Within 2 seconds of application my skin felt slight burning sensation and considerable itching.I washed it off immediately with holy water (ok, tap). Man, that was scary and led me into several depressed thoughts about my face the next morning, but by god’s grace all went fine.

So my experience says that if you have extremely dry and pimple resistant skin, take my go ahead and go herbal.But if you are in sensitive skin zone and your skin is weak when it comes to breakouts then I urge you to stay away-far away( away from the vicinity)

No repurchase et al, huh !

Ratings ,me being generous gives 3.5/5 (only for dry skin peeps)

Be safe ,Be gentle!



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