Can Soybean Firm? Innisfree Soy bean Firming Serum Review!

My obsession for innisfree is slightly more than Koreans have for soybean!

Okay,I never knew that soybean after off course milk, sauce, beans can also be used as a personal care ingredient.My first encounter with Innisfree’s soybean range provoked my judicial mind with the concept of not-to-eat-but-to-apply.This range promises Firmness, next thing essential after food ,water and shelter(just saying)

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What it is?

A serum with jeju fermented soybeans to supplement collagen (a life essential)
  • Its nourishing serum fills the skin with nutrients deep inside to enhance skin elasticity.
  • Enhance skin elasticity with the Naturally Fermented Collagen Activator™(wait, let me google)

    The Naturally Fermented Collagen Activator™ is a resilience-enhancing complex containing soycol-G and adenosine, from fermented soybeans, to aid in wrinkle prevention!

    Without even going to what -google-says, ingredients like soybean (utmost vegan protein) is like providing healthy food for skin and hello ,it works!!

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Texture & Application

The texture seems to be like a white butter especially the watery one ,which glides into skin unlike the creamy ones which loath the skin with grease.I love how that mild fragrance makes your face feel super fresh.

I religiously apply firming creams during my night time face routine.I usually pump pea size amount of product and dab it all over my cleanse face.Dabbing to me is more powerful than massaging.

Once the serum is set then I apply dollop of my buttery moisturising cream.

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FullSizeRender 45.jpgPricing

I got mine from the outlet and it was for somewhere around Rs 2200.To me its an expensive purchase but when you compare natural firming products, this is the price point where they usually belong or rather higher.

This small bottle will last you 4 months (one pump every night) and will make your wrinkles feel light and distressed.

Repurchase and Ratings

Definite, yes!

I will repurchase this as this product is light and happily shows some instant results.My ratings will be 4.5/5 (They should increase the quantity and money pincher in me wants it be cheap so that I can use 10 pumps all over my body, I think I should stop)

Let me know, if you like what I write ,(well that almost rhyme)


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