My rendezvous with Patanjali Herbal Clay Mask!

In Indian households Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth or clay) is treated as holy and healthy comfort food for skin.During my teeny tiny days,I remember my aunties(including mom) used to do this ritual every now and than.

For me ,on the other hand, was a clumsy process as it use to makes my hand and fingers (of course) dirty.Its like -you have to do all the mixing and than paint your face making you a clay sculpture.

Apart from my lazy eyed thoughts ,I always, in my head ,knew the utter benefits of Fuller’s earth so I got mine all set with this one.

IMG_8985.JPGTexture and Applications

It comes with tube like packaging which has clay and aloe vera printed on it (visual and written both ) .The texture is light brown coloured paste with herbal mild fragrance( why it has to smell).The best part is its mildness hence sensitive skin prone females can relax on this.

Its super smooth to apply.I usually after washing my face ,take strawberry sized product on the fingers ( I am chewing it as I type) and I apply heavy layers on my skin.Its essential that you apply this mask while your face is wet.IMG_8986FullSizeRender 34.jpg

This small tube is just not easy on weight but also on Pocket.

Some FAQ’s-

Can we apply it everyday? 

My answer is Yes.If you are blessed with oil tankers onto your skin like me then you can use it.It does make my skin dry but for a while then back to oil tanks.

Is this product genuinely works?

Well, it does especially on oil control, firmness and slight radiance . Its a Value-for-money product.FullSizeRender 35

Pro Tip: Patanjali Mud Mask+Aloevera Gel+Few lemon drops= Miracle Shine

Ratings & Repurchase

Definite ,Yes I will will will buy it once I am over with this current tube in my hand.

I will deduct one star for the packaging which makes ,glitter- minded girls like me hard to pick this product from the shelf.

BTW this also includes Paraben, so if you are facing skin allergies or pimple issues try to avoid it.

Now can I finish me strawberries?


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