Innisfree for Nails anyone?

Honesty is what I preach and write!

So the product which I will be reviewing today is something which I didn’t purchased rather got them as a delight freebies.Free gifts to me is like an incentive which company showers when they want customer like me to drool back at their store.(monthly)FullSizeRender 23.jpg

Why we need a review?

Nail paints has a very special place in my vanity.No matter how many I have curated, this unstoppable urge grows everyday.I don’t prefer salons (now you know me) so hence I am the solely responsible person for doing my nails every weekend.This time casually I tried these colours and to my utter surprise I loved them to every bit.

FullSizeRender 20.jpg

She asked me to choose from the lot (she as in the cute and giving store manager) and I choose these popped up neon bright shades which I never tried before.

Why I liked them this much?

  • It dries of immediately (That’s a plus one feature for me)
  • It stays for good 7-8 days depending upon the nature of use-of-hands.No chipping whatsoever.
  • The brush size is as per my nail size (weird relation) as in its flat, wide and thick in a way.
  • Removing is effortless and stainless.I hate when some nail paints paint your nails yellow once they are removed.

FullSizeRender 16

Is the packaging (blame the marketer who dwells inside me),sort of sad and dead on attraction

Competitive pricing ,it retails for 300 Rs which is in competition with other key players like loreal, maybelline .

This is how it looks like on hands after 5 day of its application.

FullSizeRender 26.jpg

FullSizeRender 15.jpgRatings and Repurchase?

Ratings in nail paints category will be 4.5/5.

Depending upon the shade I will pick these cute little bottles soon enough,I promise!!


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