Shadows on Eye with Lakme | Lakme Eye conic Review

Lakme was an essential cosmetic brand to- go- for while I was growing up (this line post writing sounds so weird).I saw this brand in my mother’s make up kit which she used to be very secretive about and now she won’t mind sharing my bobbi brown foundation (time changes so as mothers)

Since I am a new kid in this eye make up feeds , I thought of relying on the oldest & closest brand first.ILLUMINATE-ecom-eye-shadow-01.jpgI bought this from the outlet as the lady on the counter was quite informative and appealing.

FullSizeRender 46.jpgFullSizeRender 47.jpgPigmentation ??

The colours in this palette are solid hard colours with intensity.I would prefer night smoky eyed variation with this rather than day.I am no -expert for eye make over what so ever.I learn it everyday and hopes for perfection next time.

The pigments are strong and blends smoothly with the two sided brush comes with the palette.

Pricing ?

Its expensive ,considering the value for money mantra from marketing theory.It retails for 995 Rs and you can buy it on discounted rate for 695 Rs from NykaaFullSizeRender 49.jpgRatings and Repurchase?

I will rate this product critically as 3.7/5 for the combinations available.

The highlighter present in the pallet is sort of on the darker side which makes it quite dark for the tones.I will definitely not buying it again as its gonna last me for years,I promise!

But But , the blacks and the purple tones are superb in texture and pigmentation.

FullSizeRender 50This is how purple tones look like without blending!!

Blending it smoothly and with little bit of highlighter would create wonders on that date night look of yours (we don’t need over dose of color as shown in the picture)

Blend,Blend it more!!!



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