Do I love my Sephora eyes?

Once there was a girl, who used to dream about sephora (especially when that beautiful you tuber promotes her sephora saga on her channel) most of the times.She was hesitant not because of that premium price tags but for their utterly vast & vivid assortment spread across the verticals .

That girl, very adequately was ME.I always used to pass by that zebra patterned store but never ever I had the strongest urge for that one close glance of those diversified cosmetics.So one fine day I decided to burst this unrealistic bubble (after all its for the population like me ,they curated such gigantic assortment ,marketer inside me shouted)


After few store rounds and exhaustive consultation session with those sephora promoters ,I realised that perfect shopping phrase -“when in doubt pick up the basics “

Hence I got my hands on the very basic  Kohl and finally sat down to review it.

FullSizeRender 5.jpgWhat it says on the product?

It says -Long Lasting and Waterproof Kohl with smudger.

Hows the performance?

Well it does stand for what it says ,partially!


IMG_9061The colour is pigmented and creamy .If you are careless enough to care, its kind of soft or lets say brittle to the extent that you will end up breaking the tip of the pencil on every application.

The black in the Kohl is missing that slight intensity, required for my cleopatra eyed look.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 4

Thats the Kohl and other one with  kohl with a smudger effect images( that is one high intensity smudging )

Ratings and Repurchase?


I will rate this 3, mean I know but for me its super expensive deal.It retails for 900 Rs and provides no -value- for- money product as before you knew it you are half way through the pencil or stick.

Still the good’s about this one is the texture and softness on the eye arena.It sticks to your eyes come what may.I use contacts lenses which makes me skeptical aunt when choosing kohls.This one always gave me trouble free finished smoky eye look with slightly overweighted pocket.

No,I wont repurchase this ever.There are many dupes available at far better price and before you raise your eyebrows -Let me google through them and will update shortly.

FullSizeRender 3

But,It still is my one special purchase which my vanity adores like almost everyday.Though,Me and Sephora, are in a stiff tiff . But I promise to explore more & more with some more ogling and googling.

Till then, smudge!


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