7 morning mantras!

I wake up every day by 5 in agreement with my bed and blanket.After my first pee of the day,I head out straight to the balcony and perceive understated actions like –


  • A radiant layer of white fog, which people now call smog

  • Talkative birds chirping ,fighting ,negotiating( god knows what)

  • More nikers and few reebokers 

  • Mute dog owners huffing & puffing with their utter cute dogs (a special morning to the guy across the street with a labrador )

I travel all of them while sipping my beloved coconut water without expressions .


FullSizeRender 7.jpgOnce my morning tonic is sorted I head out for my morning walk or sometimes run.That my friends ,is the part which I feel most pumped up about.Ever lasting face glow (no expense I promise) ,lots of dancing happy and positive thoughts ,shredding unwanted thickness are few out of many merits of being in such mornings but there are some fundamental karmic lessons ready to be drawn right away.

My lessons for me are –

I try to calmly observe (all these pictures are taken by passionate run-like-no-one’s-watching good fellas).I am recently building this missing element called patience in my life with direct help from nature.But it tells me “to wait”


I try to walk.Hustle is the new word for my day.My day when starts and when ends gives me a breathe time and vanishes.I was always running, in my mind ,in my heart ,with people and off course during workout.


FullSizeRender 9.jpg

I speak, with myself, Its actually in a literal way.I tend to ignore few basic responsibilities towards myself which primarily includes “to care”.Neglecting self and helping others is good but managing both is a new mantra. Talk it out, to yourself!


Let go along with nature.When I wake up in the morning,I usually check what kinda day it is.When it rains I prefer to take some on me just to acknowledge my being.It keeps me in the process else I consider myself being missed out.Summers and me goes anti and wind always liked by my hair.Winters are harsh but only without pullover’s on.


I try and remember to “miss” .I miss few humans which are living essentials for me.I recall my mom, my close friends, my forgotten crush ,my current one, my travel life and my own self.It helps me to create a reminder in my mind about their value addition in my small life and it would all be useless if you don’t hear them laughing by your side.


I try to feel grateful .I was in a denial for a while now while coming back from there I realised I missed this word.My thanking nature was almost over and then I saw one of my best friend teaching her kid to say thank you.She said her to “be grateful”

FullSizeRender 8

I felt nostalgic and felt the same for myself.I am grateful to myself for realising all of this as my awakening.

IMG_9085 2.JPG

Hence once thats all done I head back to my home where all action takes place.Everyday is a new platform providing you enough challenges to prove your learning.

One should sleep for a while ,in a pretence.Whole universe in real revolves around Awakening (hence long way to go).



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