An orange to wash my face!

I am now as you or anyone can tell is turning out to be a big patanjali fan.I am being curating all not-so-famous products in my vanity and I am completely proud of it.

I always love oranges and they are seasonal but this face wash isn’t.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 2.jpg

SubstandardFullSizeRender 5.jpg

This one is more prompt and orangy picture to focus.

The face wash is for oily to normal skin.This product has a very pungent smell followed by a gel like consistency.However, it doesn’t dry off your skin like every other gel like face washes.It still leave some oil to hold for your skin.

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How I use it on my utter fat cheeks?

Frequently with happiness.

I use a dollop of it morning and evening all over my face.It usually creates foamy layer and clear off with water easily.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 6.jpg

Post wash cheeks!

My skin feels good and refreshed. This face wash doesn’t promise anything extravagant or over expected.It does what it says.

It retails for just 45 Rs( ok,don’t scream) for 60 gms of tube,i know super light on pocket and weight.

For best and healthy result drink enough water to drench you from within( i mean just to drink water ,here) and follow your skin routines religiously.

Happy skin!


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