How true is to Love!

No love doesn’t come under my forted list of reviews.I can’t review love just by listening to John lenon or Bryan adams.

I had enough of the things in my head while I thought of writing on this critically essential yet terribly crippling topic-Love!

The word is indeed very powerful, but weakness for most of us.Love is dimensional in most of the ways.As Rumi said( we all adore rumi as his voice is more like a healer’s voice) “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”

To me,Love is huge and heavy!

Its the feeling which exist inside and its inseparable.Today the inside “lover” in me kicked in and I curated few beautiful real life stories which pinched my heart just to feel this power and believe in its kind.

#From Facebook Confession Page

Things & schooling were tough in 1969,I was a young Bihari (indian state prefernce )guy with add on moustache rather skinny but handsome.Since my dad used to take tuitions for maths and science I used to get most of my evenings homework free.At one such free evening I saw her for the first time.Prettiest eyes you will ever see.I was shivering head to toe when I proposed her.She said yes to me on the very first time surprisingly.I used to write her letters and she used to reply to me.Then I left for IIT and she went for college in Mumbai.That was the first time I kissed her.I completed my degree and got placement in BHEL.I was excited to tell her when we meet but before I could say thing ,she told me “lets get married “.She being a south indian and I being a bihari makes it a complicated arrange marriage thing.I approached my parents, they were not that happy and when she approached ,they shipped her off to chennai. When I returned I got to know about chennai from my parents and hence I left for chennai. It took my 3 days and were the hardest journey of my life.It took me loads of time to find her.She was getting married to the engineer of her own hometown.When I came half of the people harassed me and threatening me and she was also crying folding both hands and begging me to leave.

I left.

Today she has 2 kids, one son married and one in States.Every year for 39 years I have gone to see her.I don’t meet her or even make her aware that I am here.I am 62, unmarried lives alone in 3 bedroom cottage.After that day from Chennai, I decided I never let anyone take her place.Today I see couples “breaking up” and “getting committed” every now and then.But i just couldn’t do it.They have forgotten what commitment truly is and how loud is the sound of broken heart.But in a way its good that they don’t give up on love and can remain happy.


I was dumbstruck!

#No disease is as big as love

My grandfather had alzheimer disease.All of his memory was blurring slowly and steadily.Once he forgot my dad and started shouting at him out of panic.But every night he calls out for my grand mother and kisses her and then go to sleep.

Once my grandmother had a cold stroke ,he immediately woke up, they cuddled and kissed each other while rubbing his hand on her.Whole night as per my grand mother he was calling her name and telling her that he loves her.

In the morning, he passed away swiftly!



#India to Sweden, cycle ride to remember!

This is a story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar and Charlotte Von which looks like a typical bollywood potboiler except for the fact that its real.In this harsh world, which believes in the constant breakup and patch up this story will give you endless wings to spread.

The guy was born in one poor family of Orissa.But his love for art education was large enough in front of his financial situations.He joined college of Art in New Delhi and became renowned artist.There he met this blonde big eyed girl who came for her portrait for 20 rs. He instantly fell in love(as per some prophecy) and she too started liking him .They got married as per the system and she become charulata. However, this marital journey which was just started ,had to take a pause as she had to leave India.She was buying him flight tickets which he refused and promised her that he will come.

Then one fine day he started planning and sold everything and bought a cycle for himself.And finally he travelled for 5 months  to Sweden to meet his wife.

Today he is the odiya cultural ambassador of India to sweden and blessed with 2 children.

Its just been 40 years!01_book_talk_mahanandai.adapt.1190.1.jpg

And there are plenty more, which I will pen down soon.

Let me know in the comments below if you really got connected somewhere here and it made you call, message, miss ,smile, kill  your beloved!BTW I just called my Mom.

after all all we need is love and some money (for my cosmic sephora love)..



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