The art of being neutral!

I am in one of the healthy- in- india cafe with all vegan and green objectives.Two mid fifties ladies with utter politeness  (I must mention)asked if they can share the same sitting arrangement with me ? and I being amused by the whole Carrie Bradshaw imagery ,smile and agreed.

Words travel faster and so as the light.Since we were distributed in the four corners of the table,I couldn’t help but got involved in non-literal eavesdrop .One out of the two ladies was kind of reaching a point where she could have thrown her freshly brewed tea either on herself or me.It was a something about the man ,red haired girl ,wedding and a $100 dress.On the other hand ,the other one on the other was involved in savouring the soft vegan muffin with her not-so-borrowed hands.

Did you just connected the dots or the words?

This is not an article which is e commercially justifies- neither its my thesis-to -be and nor its my hypothesis to start brain fighting .Its just how filtering our thoughts about reactions can be done? are there any universal laws? How the high schooler -the loner one, who is on some fancy high school trip with classmates and end up sitting with teachers or seeking solitude during the break or lunch break? or the same guy who gets in for harvard and modify something about his personality in skewness to change the world by rooting down to combodia for its people.

I have been ,with sheer honesty dwindling my mind around this concept of western culture and practices.The westernised word for concept is easy ,sassy ,little less if not complicated.This culture is liberal in as many ways as spider can web(don’t know what it means though) and is very on going.People prefer polarities and quickness.The sense of doing once thinking or wanting is finished.

Sometimes I wonder what is the edge they and we are living in? any specific parameter to measure?I grew up with this idea of being free but having my mind shackled other than judgemental.

Are we stressed-about the fact that we are in reality stressed? that no matter how we try to figure out the light behind the tunnel, the thought no upcoming tunnel suppress us? If not- in denial ?about the fact that some day someone will gives us a knock on door towards our life’s calling and will amplify the destiny’s mutual benefits?What if the one being or thing, you counted upon doesn’t knock or say far away from your street?

What if -is dangerous? If not- is forgiving.


I feel something to emotions or reactions or situations or people or circumstances can lead to the self knock I was talking about or turning backs may be.

My something here is neutrality.Being neutral isn’t all we want? Neutrality for me is a state of mind.It can be attained and well practised, also it can be termed as one of the perks of meditation (religious meditation) .

How to be neutral or at least start off?

  • -By believing in the moments as just the passing moments

  • –By energy preservation (energy is sheer conversion )

  • –By meditating when you least expect it (even while sipping coffee)

  • –Practising secret emotion whispering


The art of avoidance -the void filler -the gap analysis and the strength in reacting to react, that is power of neutrality and act of rationality.

Rational over irrational ,I say!



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