When colour is to Holi!

My passion and fashion for colours is increasing exponentially not just because of the work and words I type but also because of the core fact that the fuzz and buzz around these is somewhere settling down.


My senses tell me not to over do the fancy catwalk but to be there in the runway while all those action is happening is essential.

DSC_0333This combination for the sake of being mediaeval is clear and quite outspoken (as they say in india)

DSC_0347 The tee is the oldest in the lot.I got one in the shopper stop sale and wearing and tearing since then.

The pants however ,are not so old and quite happy as I call them “happy floral pants” which I borrowed from my sister without a drop of a guilt.

My tassels are the example of my unified buying skills from the sleek streets of jaipurI IMG_4660.jpgMy earrings are my wining streak and so is my gloss!



I also share some of my heart for bandhej dupatta.They are like the ace in the over all look especially ethnic


This year my plan is to feel the sense of vibes and optimise my brain along with the colours I waste.



Festivals are indeed the best way to connect and sense with people place and pants.

I will post some more , with the will I own, and some more looks to hold!


Wish you all a very happy (not-safe) holi!




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