Ginger’s new collection launch!

So when I started my social media thing,I was super confused about the fact that my blog will reach mass crowd or whether I will influence my own self. I mean its easy when its just “said” or “thought about” but its slightly more complicated when you actually start doing it -but the key is -to do it now ! I was super pumped up … Continue reading Ginger’s new collection launch!


What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

India, the land of spirituality ,diversity and marriage (lots and lots of marriage).Potentially speaking marriage is one relationship building exercise which is not exclusively limited to the bride and groom but also to the entire crowd of human being attached to their habitat. I was in one such happy long awaited wedding.The event were predefined and so as the theme.I used my credit card and … Continue reading What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

The pink lanes with fashion and dust!

Jaipur, the pink city is the place where I explored native and initial young years of my life.While all this time I was wondering how to improvise my instagram aesthetically.It gave me immense amount of pleasure and scope further while I was on the lane ,quite like a know-it-all tourist. I planned by day in advance and it required lots of feet walking (I do … Continue reading The pink lanes with fashion and dust!

Art of Layering!

This is where it all begins. Its morning 8, and thats when this viscous circle of choosing, replacing and throwing begins. This morning I thought of wearing my black dress.This is lifesaver -black and ice cream can never (mark my expressions) ever disappoint you.I always loved layering -the answer to my confusion states in the morning. Confusing state 1 I wore this crosia shrug which … Continue reading Art of Layering!

Local Fashion!

 Girl is back with words. God! It was a crucial week with let- me -save-my-job look(basically no kohl and over with gloss look).. Off course with replacing  the no white full -sleeves Bollywood inspired look with crisp firm t shirts covering suitable dimensions with sleek grey pants. So marriages and fashion both share some common rules, you don’t agree? They both says the young the … Continue reading Local Fashion!

Fashion commonality!

No one is a born writer, clothes with cosmetics make them one !!     I just saw a real hot chick accomplishing the purpose of her crop top when she carefully lifted her right elbow just to fix her blow dried hair so as that one punjabi aunty standing near the metro door wearing a middle slit kurti with low waist bottoms. Hence fashion … Continue reading Fashion commonality!