Coffee with Bangalore!

The blog is absolute basic-food people with money pinching as a hobby can thank me later! Let’s start with Coffee ,I say! Honestly, this is not my first rendezvous with Bangalore.I explored this luscious green aromatic city long back with the inception of my professional journey. I ,this time, had plans much to gobble and less to wander. My mom started doing all-mom-things post checking … Continue reading Coffee with Bangalore!


Paratha on the run!

My random travel plans, says the best story ever! I reached Shimla from New Delhi around 4 in the morning,Needless to say the temperature outside was cold enough to shiver down my soul.Since it was mysteriously dark outside I got my nearly waxed goosebumps. Finally I reached my hotel and they were quite welcoming by sending an 80 year old to help me with my … Continue reading Paratha on the run!