Coffee with Bangalore!

The blog is absolute basic-food people with money pinching as a hobby can thank me later! Let’s start with Coffee ,I say! Honestly, this is not my first rendezvous with Bangalore.I explored this luscious green aromatic city long back with the inception of my professional journey. I ,this time, had plans much to gobble and less to wander. My mom started doing all-mom-things post checking … Continue reading Coffee with Bangalore!


How true is to Love!

No love doesn’t come under my forted list of reviews.I can’t review love just by listening to John lenon or Bryan adams. I had enough of the things in my head while I thought of writing on this critically essential yet terribly crippling topic-Love! The word is indeed very powerful, but weakness for most of us.Love is dimensional in most of the ways.As Rumi said( … Continue reading How true is to Love!

How tight is tighten mask?

No,I am not 30 as of now! Age being the word it is, is no its just not a number .Its basically a reminder of our presence which exist.With all the you-should-get-married, you-should-have-a- kid, you-should-buy-a-house by nows, its also about the skin who doesn’t know any number. So while scrolling my relationship with nykaa,I realised its better to be preventive rather then curing.Hence going natural … Continue reading How tight is tighten mask?

7 morning mantras!

I wake up every day by 5 in agreement with my bed and blanket.After my first pee of the day,I head out straight to the balcony and perceive understated actions like – A radiant layer of white fog, which people now call smog Talkative birds chirping ,fighting ,negotiating( god knows what) More nikers and few reebokers  Mute dog owners huffing & puffing with their utter … Continue reading 7 morning mantras!

Do I love my Sephora eyes?

Once there was a girl, who used to dream about sephora (especially when that beautiful you tuber promotes her sephora saga on her channel) most of the times.She was hesitant not because of that premium price tags but for their utterly vast & vivid assortment spread across the verticals . That girl, very adequately was ME.I always used to pass by that zebra patterned store … Continue reading Do I love my Sephora eyes?

Shadows on Eye with Lakme | Lakme Eye conic Review

Lakme was an essential cosmetic brand to- go- for while I was growing up (this line post writing sounds so weird).I saw this brand in my mother’s make up kit which she used to be very secretive about and now she won’t mind sharing my bobbi brown foundation (time changes so as mothers) Since I am a new kid in this eye make up feeds … Continue reading Shadows on Eye with Lakme | Lakme Eye conic Review

Innisfree for Nails anyone?

Honesty is what I preach and write! So the product which I will be reviewing today is something which I didn’t purchased rather got them as a delight freebies.Free gifts to me is like an incentive which company showers when they want customer like me to drool back at their store.(monthly) Why we need a review? Nail paints has a very special place in my … Continue reading Innisfree for Nails anyone?

My rendezvous with Patanjali Herbal Clay Mask!

In Indian households Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth or clay) is treated as holy and healthy comfort food for skin.During my teeny tiny days,I remember my aunties(including mom) used to do this ritual every now and than. For me ,on the other hand, was a clumsy process as it use to makes my hand and fingers (of course) dirty.Its like -you have to do all the … Continue reading My rendezvous with Patanjali Herbal Clay Mask!