Women in me on Women’s day!

It usually start with age and then experience and than denomination. I am one of those cult female gang who strongly disagree to the concept of dedicating days to the specific community -while we discuss equality. Having said that I more relate my concept of being women into leaving that whole next level of self loathe ,the critical eye brow raised analysis leading too utterly … Continue reading Women in me on Women’s day!


WOW- that sulphate free shampoo -Review

Love that scintillating feeling when my hair does all the talking along with my mouth. I was annoyed basically -the weird state when you are about to order something from your favourite website and suddenly from every virtual empty space sponsored aka paid promotions keep popping up. This was the same guilt purchase – and obvious to say which I am not anymore.tH The product … Continue reading WOW- that sulphate free shampoo -Review

The art of being neutral!

I am in one of the healthy- in- india cafe with all vegan and green objectives.Two mid fifties ladies with utter politeness  (I must mention)asked if they can share the same sitting arrangement with me ? and I being amused by the whole Carrie Bradshaw imagery ,smile and agreed. Words travel faster and so as the light.Since we were distributed in the four corners of … Continue reading The art of being neutral!

What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

India, the land of spirituality ,diversity and marriage (lots and lots of marriage).Potentially speaking marriage is one relationship building exercise which is not exclusively limited to the bride and groom but also to the entire crowd of human being attached to their habitat. I was in one such happy long awaited wedding.The event were predefined and so as the theme.I used my credit card and … Continue reading What I wore|Big Fat Indian Wedding

Coffee with Bangalore!

The blog is absolute basic-food people with money pinching as a hobby can thank me later! Let’s start with Coffee ,I say! Honestly, this is not my first rendezvous with Bangalore.I explored this luscious green aromatic city long back with the inception of my professional journey. I ,this time, had plans much to gobble and less to wander. My mom started doing all-mom-things post checking … Continue reading Coffee with Bangalore!

How true is to Love!

No love doesn’t come under my forted list of reviews.I can’t review love just by listening to John lenon or Bryan adams. I had enough of the things in my head while I thought of writing on this critically essential yet terribly crippling topic-Love! The word is indeed very powerful, but weakness for most of us.Love is dimensional in most of the ways.As Rumi said( … Continue reading How true is to Love!

7 morning mantras!

I wake up every day by 5 in agreement with my bed and blanket.After my first pee of the day,I head out straight to the balcony and perceive understated actions like – A radiant layer of white fog, which people now call smog Talkative birds chirping ,fighting ,negotiating( god knows what) More nikers and few reebokers  Mute dog owners huffing & puffing with their utter … Continue reading 7 morning mantras!

Local Fashion!

 Girl is back with words. God! It was a crucial week with let- me -save-my-job look(basically no kohl and over with gloss look).. Off course with replacing  the no white full -sleeves Bollywood inspired look with crisp firm t shirts covering suitable dimensions with sleek grey pants. So marriages and fashion both share some common rules, you don’t agree? They both says the young the … Continue reading Local Fashion!

Jump while you can!

Whats the best you can do? Jump,I giggled.. Okay my vividly stretched smile and my limited edition thoughts are in correlation with each other .I smile most-of-the-times for no reason or the reason pretty lame such as my fall on every jump in this creepy sofa. Who am I-I am in my post 25th phase of life , I grew up in pink city with … Continue reading Jump while you can!