Women in me on Women’s day!

It usually start with age and then experience and than denomination. I am one of those cult female gang who strongly disagree to the concept of dedicating days to the specific community -while we discuss equality. Having said that I more relate my concept of being women into leaving that whole next level of self loathe ,the critical eye brow raised analysis leading too utterly … Continue reading Women in me on Women’s day!


The art of being neutral!

I am in one of the healthy- in- india cafe with all vegan and green objectives.Two mid fifties ladies with utter politeness  (I must mention)asked if they can share the same sitting arrangement with me ? and I being amused by the whole Carrie Bradshaw imagery ,smile and agreed. Words travel faster and so as the light.Since we were distributed in the four corners of … Continue reading The art of being neutral!

How true is to Love!

No love doesn’t come under my forted list of reviews.I can’t review love just by listening to John lenon or Bryan adams. I had enough of the things in my head while I thought of writing on this critically essential yet terribly crippling topic-Love! The word is indeed very powerful, but weakness for most of us.Love is dimensional in most of the ways.As Rumi said( … Continue reading How true is to Love!

7 morning mantras!

I wake up every day by 5 in agreement with my bed and blanket.After my first pee of the day,I head out straight to the balcony and perceive understated actions like – A radiant layer of white fog, which people now call smog Talkative birds chirping ,fighting ,negotiating( god knows what) More nikers and few reebokers  Mute dog owners huffing & puffing with their utter … Continue reading 7 morning mantras!

Paratha on the run!

My random travel plans, says the best story ever! I reached Shimla from New Delhi around 4 in the morning,Needless to say the temperature outside was cold enough to shiver down my soul.Since it was mysteriously dark outside I got my nearly waxed goosebumps. Finally I reached my hotel and they were quite welcoming by sending an 80 year old to help me with my … Continue reading Paratha on the run!